Your home - the relationships you build, the memories you make there - is a reflection of you. As our lives change, our homes change with them. We add rooms to welcome new family members, modify spaces as children grow up, and remodel when we earn that promotion.No matter your life stage, we want to help you create your dream home. Inside every dream home is a dream bathroom. When one of our founders wanted a designer look for the master bath, it was an unwelcome reality check. Conventional stores lacked quality products and the luxury brands were prohibitively expensive. It was time to disrupt the home improvement sector. By giving our exclusive manufacturers access to new markets and at the same time providing customers with a single online destination, Maykke has taken shopping from stressful to streamlined. Side-stepping physical stores eliminates retail markup, factory distribution costs, and size of the planet’s carbon footprint. It’s a Win-Win-Win situation.You’ve dreamed of a smarter, easier, more fun shopping experience. Maykke turns the dream into reality. With our intuitive, elegant website, you’ll get inspiration at a glance from your phone or tablet. Order what you want. When you want. Wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. No. Shipping. Cost.High-end homewares used to be out of reach for most home owners. When it comes to upscale we decided to scale up, making luxury affordable to everyone. That’s the Maykke difference.